Vulture birds recycle dead animal carcasses, thus protecting healthy animals from the dangers of decomposition. As ugly as they may look, nature welcomes vulture birds. Instead, vulture funds (VF) prey viciously upon injured economies that the world badly needs alive and growing, while hurting dozens and dozens of millions of real human beings and their future generations. “Real hurt, real people” Judge T. Griesa announced without batting an eyelash. Obviously enough, common sense points to the illegality of VFs.

Polls show that upwards of 50% of working people say they’d be interested in joining a labor union, but only 12% of America’s workforce is unionized. Even acknowledging that some of those expressing an interest in joining up were fooling themselves and misleading the pollster, there is still a huge number of working people out there who would like to become union members but either don’t quite know how to proceed or, frankly, are too frightened to make their feelings known, fearing management retaliation. This discrepancy...

Foreign media doesn’t get nearly as much of that talk, but if you are in Brazil all that you hear in the political debate is based on to impeach or not to impeach President Dilma Rousseff. After all, her administration’s popularity has sunk to 10% in the most recent Datafolha poll, the Petrobras scandal is still at full steam, a recession will make the country’s economy dip at least 1% this year and her support in Congress has been shattered by conservatives. A few decades ago that could have been enough for her to be ousted. Brazil today is much more complicated than that.

March 22, 2015

By Mauricio Savarese

July 25, 2015

By Mauricio Savarese

June 11, 2015

By Jorge Vilches

The announcement that the Vatican is recognizing the state of Palestine knocked me out of my chair. Though the NY Times described this as largely “symbolic” they had to acknowledge that this action really shifts discussions on the future of Palestine, the Occupation and Palestinian diaspora. This announcement comes at such a critical moment when anti-Palestinian forces have become absolutely rabid in their attacks on virtually anyone who supports justice for the Palestinians. Such attacks betray a level of desperation that is clearly being experienced by the...

Brazil’s political crisis, which starts in our flawed party financing system and ends on the streets with people that don’t feel represented by politicians, is like an airplane crash; there isn’t just one element that explains it all. Those that try to make it that simple are either misinformed or biased. There are many fans of the ruling Worker’s Party that do that and, truth be said, even more in the opposition that are fond of the easy ways to put this complex moment in a small box. If I can give you two tips, they are steer away from those ...

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A US court ruling has warped the otherwise precise meanings of three key words - "republic", "sovereign", and "default" - leading to absurdities like a New York district court holding the Republic of Argentina in "contempt of court"! The entire understanding of sovereign debt and its restructuring is being read through private "contract law" that cannot address the complex questions that are inherently public in nature, à la questions around restructuring Argentina's debt. It appeared that a misreading of key words could benefit some vulture funds, but so far no one has seen as much...

June 19, 2015

By David Macaray

May 13, 2015

By Bill Fletcher

June 3, 2015

By Rafe Mair

The uncompliable list of promises made to the Greek people by Syriza has now been replaced by an equivalent uncompliable list of promises made to the Troika. The European soul-searching exercise is thus over, leaving no further room for self-correction. The Troika is back in Athens with yet heavier boots on the ground pushing for the very same things it always wanted --and needs-- from exemplary Greece. Meanwhile, government money is running out fast, as we speak. Near term payments of all sorts have been jeopardized with no solution in sight.

March 1, 2015

By Rafe Mair

Let’s back up a bit. If one had all of the up-to-date polls from every constituency in Canada with expert analysis on each, it would still be a mug’s game to pick the winner of the next election. One can only really go on a “tummy feel” from information gained from a media which is none too bright and considerably less than politically independent. The polls aren’t always helpful for the obvious reason that they are only snapshots of the moment the poll is taken, along with the fact that people may not always tell the truth.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, unless thwarted by a surge of surprising voter intelligence, has found the winning formula. Leading his coven of three-piece-suit and pearl necklace know-nothings, he will rally the electorate in a rout of the mortally dangerous non-Christian hordes within and without our borders, saving God from Allah and leaving Trudeau and Mulcair gasping for air, something they excel at. As Harper whips up fear of a Muslim enemy he will make it simple to allow hate to spread without appearing to do so. In fact Harper need only mumble "not all people...

March 13, 2015

By Jorge Vilches

January 24, 2015

By Jorge Vilches & Sabri Öncü