Former op-ed columnist for The Wall Street Journal - New York Current columnist for

Current guest columnist for the Buenos Aires Herald, Buenos Aires

Current guest columnist for Economic and Political Weekly (EPW), India 

Former op-ed columnist for El Cronista, Buenos Aires

Former op-ed columnist for El Economista, Buenos Aires

Mr. Vilches is an independent, investigative, op-ed financial columnist based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His favorite subjects include Latam American financial affairs, gold, the Federal Reserve's monetary policy, vulture funds and sovereign debt defaults and the Mercosur trade bloc. Mr. Vilches has travelled much worldwide since very young age and is fully bilingual (native English + native Spanish) plus very fluent in Portuguese. Jorge Vilches has interviewed Alan Greenspan, Jeffrey Sachs, Tom Peters, Francis Fukuyama, Steve Hanke, David Asman, Bill Gates and Domingo Cavallo among other world re-known personalities. Prominently acknowledged in Michael Hudson's latest book 'Killing The Host'.